List of Project References

2022 DB Engineering & Consulting / Queensland Rail. Metro Brisbane. Assessment of the operational readiness with focus on operational scenarios of the Tunnel Ventilation System.

2021 DB Net. Aerodynamic Assessement of cross-sections and clearance areas in regional train networks. Technical Report

2017 – 2021 RMTC / Royal Commission for Riyadh City (RCRC). Metro Riyadh. Specialist Tunnel Ventilation. Management and control of the planning and construction by the D&B consortium BACS (lines 1 and 2) with respect to TVS.

2017NAGRA. Disposal sites. 2nd opinion, optimisation and assessment of ventilation planning. Swiss Cooperative for the Final Deposit of Nuclear Waste (NAGRA)

2017State Building Office Passau. B11, Operational retrofit Riedberg tunnel and enclosure Deggendorf. Ventilation escape tunnels and stairs. State Office for Civil Works Passau

2016ASTRA. Gotthard Road Tunnel. 16 km. GP – beginning of AP. Project manager ventilation. Realization of substantial savings.

2015 – 2016U-Bahn München. CFD study smoke propagation. 5 subway stations.

2016Highway Authority Passau. Tunnel Deggendorf. Expert Opinion on Ventilation aspects.

2016IBE. Slovak Road Authority. Tunnels Golo and Pletjovare. 2 road tunnels up to 0.8 km. Ventilation Engineer.

2015 – 2016 IBE. Slovak Road Authority. Tunnels Dekani, Golovec, Lucan and Valeta. 4 road tunnels up to 2.2 km. Ventilation Engineer. Detailed Design.

2015 Vienna Metro. Retrofit of several rail enclosures. Expert Opinion on Ventilation aspects.

2015 German Railways. S21 new railway line. Construction Site Ventilation Concept. Designer and Expert Opinion.

2015Israeli Railways. A1 Line Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem. 5 tunnels up to 3.5 km and underground station. Ventilation Engineer. Concept Phase.

2015 Highway Authority Passau. Tunnel Deggendorf. Commissioning tests.

2015 BBT SA. Brenner Base tunnel. Ventilation Concept during construction. Tender Support.

2014 Arteris SA / Amberg Engineering AG. Autopista Regis-Bittencourt. Tunnels T-3 and T-4. Ventilation report. Draft Design.

2014 Mirabit Consultoria / Amberg Engineering AG. Transolimpica Rio de Janeiro. Tunnel Engenho Velho. Ventilation report. Draft Design.

2014 Viaplan / Amberg Engineering AG. Struma Motorway. Tunnel Zhelezniza and Kresna. safety strategy. Draft Design.

2014 City of Rotterdam / Amberg Engineering AG. Maas Tunnel. Calculation of the critical velocity and dimensioning of a Saccardo nozzle on the basis of FDS simulations.

2014 Tunnel Rohrschach / Amberg Engineering AG. Study for self rescue during an emergency. FDS simulations and analyses for emergency scenarios.

2014 Geotunnel / Amberg Engineering AG. Pump storage plant Belesar-Los Peares. construction site ventilation.

2014 Kraftwerk Bärenwerk / Amberg Engineering AG. Assessment of the construction site ventilation.

2013 ASTRA. Pieterlen tunnel. Assessment of compliance to current standards. Expert activity.

2013 Amberg Engineering. Follobanen tunnel (Oslo-Ski). Assessment of pressure comfort criteria and selection of the required tunnel cross-section for a 20 km long railway tunnel. Unsteady compressible calculations with NUMSTA.

2013 – 2017Federal Transport Office. Expert mandate to assess the ventilation projects of new railway tunnel and underground stations. Lots Gotthard Base Tunnel and CEVA Geneva.

2012SBB / ILF CH. ZEB, Olten, Aarau, Integral 4-track (Eppenberg tunnel). Escape routes ventilation. Project engineer ventilation.

2012ASTRA. Soliwald tunnel. Specialist technical advice. Impact of the fact sheet for risk-analyses on the ventilation system. Expert activity.

2012Slovak National Motorway Company (NDS). Advisory member for ventilation in the selection committee for the applications to the construction contract for the tunnel Višňové.

2012ASTRA / Rüegg AG. Soliwald tunnel. Escape tunnel ventilation. Project engineer ventilation.

2012Caltrans / Metro / CH2M Hill / ILF United States. Interstate 710 Concept study. Road tunnel at approximately 6 km, 4 lanes in each direction. Project engineer ventilation.

2012 – 2022ASTRA / ILF CH. Preliminary design, detailed design, project execution. N01/38/42 Gubristtunnel 3rd tube, Northern highway passage Zurich. Deputy project manager.

2012Slovak National Motorway Company (NDS). Concept study for ventilation options for the tunnel Višňové as a supplement to tender.

2012ASTRA / ILF CH. Concept design. 2nd tube tunnel Fäsenstaub (1.45 km) and escape route 1st tube. Project engineer ventilation.

2012 Implenia Construction AG. KWO plus – hydroelectric plant. Tender support for construction work. Options for the tunnel air management.

2011 – 2012TransRUN / Amberg Engineering. Regional train tunnel. 15 km. Preliminary study. Project engineer ventilation.

2011California High Speed. Rail Authority / ILF United States. Project review. Project engineer ventilation.

2011 Implenia Constrution AG. Nant de Drance. Ventilation during construction. Adaptation to increased turbine power.

2010 – 2011ASTRA / IG STB. Belchentunnel 3rd tube. 3 km. Ventilation and cooling during construction.

2010 – 2011ASTRA / ILF CH. Renovation tunnel ventilation and sensors tunnel Fäsenstaub (1.45 km) / Cholfirst (1.2 km), two-way traffic. Project engineer ventilation.

2010 – 2011ASTRA / ILF CH. Schorentunnel. Road, 1.3 km. Smoke propagation study. Project engineer ventilation.

2010 – 2011NAGRA / ILF CH. Disposal sites. Study. Project engineer ventilation.

2010 – 2011Slovak Tunnelling Association (STA). Creation of the National Policy for road tunnel ventilation as the sole author.

2010ASTRA / ILF CH. Gotthard Road Tunnel. Variation study. Project engineer ventilation.

2009 – 2010Dopravoprojekt / Terraproject. TEN-T railway tunnel in Bratislava. 4 km away. Planning control ventilation.

2009BAST / ILF Linz. Study establishing a common approach to the safety evaluation of road tunnels. Determining visibility in case of fire. Project engineer ventilation.

2009ASTRA / ILF CH. Galgenbucktunnel, 1.1 km. Project engineer ventilation.

2008City of Edmonton / Aecom / ILF United States. Metro-North extension. Detailed project execution project. Project engineer ventilation.

2008 – 2009City of Edmonton / Aecom / ILF United States. Professional judgment existing ventilation system.

2008Washington Metro / ILF United States. Metro Dulles Airport. Builders support ventilation.

2008 – 2013ASTRA / ILF CH. Seelisbergtunnel, 9.3 km. Builders support tunnel ventilation.

2008 – 2009Caltrans / ILF United States. Interstate 710 Feasibility study. Road tunnel at approximately 6 km, 4 lanes in each direction. Project engineer ventilation.

2007Implenia Construction. Nant de Drance. Ventilation during construction. Tender assistance.

2007OSE / ILF. Railway tunnel Kalambaka Ioannina, 10 km. Preliminary project.

2007ÖMV / Tecon. Accompanying control. Design of a flue gas blower.

2007 Mosty Katowice / ILF. Warsaw Southern Bypass. Tunnel ventilation.

2007Implenia Construction / GEC. Ceneri Base Tunnel. Ventilation during construction. Tender assistance.

2007 – 2010ÖBB / ILF. Wienerwald tunnel, 13.4 km. Project Manager and Designer Tunnel Ventilation.

2007ABD southern Bavaria / ILF. Kramertunnel, CFD study ventilation cavern.

2006Asfinag / ILF. Bosrucktunnel. 5.5 km. Project engineer ventilation, preliminary, detailed design, filing, preparation of tender documents.

2006South Tyrol / EUT. Optimizing control concept tunnels St. James, 2.5 km. Construction supervision.

2006Implenia Construction / CH ILF. Ventilation and cooling engineering calculations tender phase Gotthard Base Tunnel railway, 55 km.

2005 – 2011South Tyrol / EUT. Tunnel Laives, 2.8 km. Preparation of tender documents.

2005 – 2007BBT AG / ILF A. Brenner Base Tunnel. Lot Fortezza. Railway, 54 km. Project Manager ventilation.

2005 – 2007Zschokke Locher / ILF CH. Lötschberg base tunnel. Railway, 37 km. Transitional ventilation and cooling. Preliminary design, detail, detailed design, commissioning, construction and deconstruction.

2004ÖBB / ILF CH. Construction project tendering security systems Arlberg tunnel, railway, 10 km.

2003 – 2007Zschokke Locher AG / CH ILF. Lötschberg base tunnel. Railway, 37 km. Ventilation design project. Deputy Project Manager

2003ÖBB / ILF CH. Security concept Vienna International Airport, Central Railway Station.

2003 ILF CH. Fire tests Rennsteigtunnel, road, 7.8 km.

2003Asfinag / ILF CH. Preliminary, preliminary 2 Tube Pfändertunnel, 6.8 km.

2003ÖBB / ILF CH. Preliminary 3D CFD study on ventilation hatches Bingsertunnel, Austria.

2003Mott MacDonald Ltd.. Cooling and ventilation of a 4000 MW cable tunnels, Singapore.

2002Mott MacDonald Ltd.. Project crosswind stability of West Coast Main Line.

2002Mott MacDonald Ltd.. Design of a smoke exhaust system for the reconstruction of Euston Station, London.

2002Mott MacDonald Ltd.. Execution of renovation project ventilation system for the Docklands Light Railway in the tunnel at Bank Station, London

2001Cargo Lifter Development GmbH. Optimized design of tail fins of a large airship.

2001Cargo Lifter Development GmbH. CFD for the flow around a large airship.

2001Cargo Lifter Development GmbH. Establishing and employing a 8 CPU Pentium IV Linux cluster for high performance technical computing. Linux reference customer of IBM.

2000Adtranz. Numerical investigations for the crosswind stability. Participation in the TSI Committee for the crosswind stability.

1999-2000Adtranz. Development of the methodology of parametric numerical simulation of indoor climate in passenger cars. Collaboration with DaimlerChrysler and DASA.

1999-2000Adtranz. Project Manager Advanced Technology Development Project AIRTHERM. Projects related to vehicle development and consolidation of methods and processes for aero- and thermodynamic investigation of trains.

1998-1999Adtranz. Aerodynamic investigation of the ICE 3 and the Transrapid.​​